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Material and aggregate trucking is our specialty. It is where we started and we are proud to have grown into a market leader within the sand and gravel industry. Our fleet consists of 50+ local belly dump, end dump, round bottom and tandem dump truck owner operators. We provide you and your team a single point of contact, uniform billing and on-call support 24/7.

We provide pit-to-plant, pit-to-jobsite, and pit-to-consumer hauling. With decades of experience, our team of owner operators has the know-how to handle the trickiest of jobs and the work ethic to make sure your largest jobs never lag behind. Whether you need 5 yards of sand for your kids sandbox or 50,000 tons of select fill for your new housing development, we can deliver.

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Demolition trucking and demo haul off is a tough industry, but we’re tougher. Our owner operators exclusively run steel round bottom trailers tough enough to handle any demolition project you might have.

Our team of round bottom owner operators is among the best in Waco, Bryan, and Austin. Whether your team is tearing down a hospital or simply ripping out an old driveway, we have the equipment to get the job done right.

In addition to demolition and haul off trucking, our team is able to source the required disposal site for your material. We are partnered with all recycling plants, landfills, and disposal sites in the region, giving us the ultimate flexibility to ensure your material is safely removed.

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Dry van and refrigerated freight is some of the most common freight booked in Texas… So why is the process so difficult?

Our team specializes in solving your specific freight problems by doing what most of the industry won’t: we listen to you. After calling Twisted Nail Broker Services, a member of our team will set up an interview and site visit to learn more about your specific shipping requirements: What are you shipping? What is working in your current process? What do you want to change?

After learning your requirements, we match you with multiple carriers from a wide range of backgrounds. Our team will find the owner operators, interview them, and present the best matches to your team. From there, together with your team, we will select your perfect trucking match.

Our process works! We offer a free quoting service with no obligations. Call one of our team members and find out what we can do for you and your business.

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Moving flatbed and step deck freight can be a challenging process, that’s why choosing the right carrier is so important. Our owner operators have decades of experience hauling freight for a wide variety of industries. Whether you need your equipment moved to your new jobsite, your product moved across the country, or simply need a local trucking company to handle your deliveries, Twisted Nail Broker Services has you covered.

Our fleet of flatbed and step decks consists of 48’ and 53’ trailers, steel and aluminum, and can be customized to fit your needs. Our flatbed trailers are ideal for transporting lumber, pallet freight, steel, construction materials, and equipment.

Our step deck trailers sit lower to the ground and are perfect for hauling equipment, machinery, vehicles, tractors, SETs, and more. Our owner operators can provide tarps, straps, and chains upon request. Our carriers are flexible, professional, and are eager to help you and your team.

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Large and heavy loads are subject to different rules and regulations, making it extra important you select the right heavy haul carrier. Our team of heavy haul drivers has decades of experience shipping the largest oversize and overweight loads in Texas.

Our expert dispatch team excels at pairing your job with the perfect owner operator. We partner with a wide range of trucking companies capable of hauling even the most complex loads. When the FCC needed an entire building moved up an otherwise too steep mountain, they called our carriers. When your construction crew needs equipment moved and needs it moved now, you call our carriers. Our owner operators will provide a custom service tailored to the needs of your job, at an unbeatable price, with unmatched safety and communication.

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About Twisted Nail Trucking

Founded in 2014, Twisted Nail Broker Services is a regional freight broker dedicated to providing the leading trucking and logistics solutions to Waco, Bryan and Austin, Texas. Our mission is simple: we serve truckers. With every action, we work to improve the lives of our owner operators, ease their workloads, and allow them to focus solely on safely and professionally delivering your freight.

Twisted Nail Broker Services seeks to eliminate issues typically plaguing the trucking industry: overbooked trucks, late equipment, no-shows, unpredictable pay, long hours and bad rates. When you place an order for material, you should have the confidence your job will not only be completed but will be completed on time, on budget, with unmatched safety and professionalism.


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