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Stone Products

Stone Products

We sell all stone, rock, and gravel products found within 100 miles of Waco, Bryan and Austin, Texas. While our most popular products can quickly be sourced in or around our primary markets, our staff has the expertise required to source construction material from anywhere in Texas.

River Rock, Pea Gravel, Utility Rock, 57 Rock, Flex Base, and Crushed Concrete are a few of our most popular stones. Our customers will seek these materials to supply their ready-mix and asphalt plants, to supply their construction job sites, or for use in driveways or drainage.

Our stone selection comes in a diverse selection of colors and sizes. Already know what you need? Our team can make sure you’re getting the best deal by finding multiple material sources. Not sure what you need? Don’t worry! With so many choices it is easy to become overwhelmed and not know the right stone for your job, or to know if you’re getting the best deal possible. Provide a description of your project to our team and we will not only find the material you need but suggest multiple aggregates and varying price points.

Sand Products

sand Products

We sell manufactured sand, washed sand, and can source silica sand for customers in Waco, Bryan, and Austin, Texas. While the majority of our sand products are used in ready mix operations, they have many different applications.

Washed sand, otherwise known as washed concrete sand, is a light off-white color material that is screened and washed to remove any impurities. Used often as a building material, it is popular with golf courses, as a construction base, in pool construction, and is mixed with cement and aggregate for concrete work. Manufactured sand is produced by reducing larger pieces of aggregate into sand-sized pieces.

Manufactured sand is neutral in color, coming in a range from tan to gray, and is used in areas where natural sand is not available or when transportation is not cost-effective. Unlike washed sand, manufactured sand tends to come in irregular shapes as a result of the pulverizing process. While manufactured sand can be cost-effective, it is generally considered to be an inferior product when compared to washed sand.  Silica sand is exceedingly rare in central Texas, is the most expensive and, while coming in a very pretty white coloring, is mostly used in industrial applications. Silica sand is quartz that has been broken down through erosion.

Silica sand is a primary ingredient in glass manufacturing, metal casting, metal production, chemical production, filtration, and has many other construction applications.

Recycled Concrete

Recycled COncrete

Concrete recycling is the process of preparing rubble from demolished concrete structures for reuse. Recycling concrete is a straightforward, cost-effective, way to dispose of otherwise trash material. Recycling concrete consists of breaking, removing, and crushing concrete from another location and using it to create a new material. The process provides a solution for otherwise troublesome concrete removal and allows the material to continue its useful life in another capacity.


Granite is a durable and strong stone that varies in colors and patterns; nevertheless, its usual colors are white, light gray, and pink. Compared to other rock and stone, granite is more resistant to exterior forces and is very commonly found in the foundation of luxury households. In fact, many of the most common uses of granite originate from the home; these being: countertops, flooring, roads, fountains, and benches. 

There are several types of granite sources around the state of Texas that can be sourced depending on the project, and here at Twisted Nail, we’re ready to help you in the process of finding and moving the right type of granite for your job.

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Products We Haul

While our team specializes in aggregate hauling and the transportation of building materials, our team is able to organize any haul in Texas, both interstate and intrastate.

We offer a wide range of construction materials and aggregates, all sourced directly from the pit to your plant, jobsite, business, ranch, or home. Our most popular selections include a wide range of stone, rock, sand and gravel aggregates. Material selection depends heavily on the project and is not limited to the construction materials you see listed here. Our team members are proven experts when it comes to sourcing difficult-to-find materials.

For residential customers and residential contractors, our most popular aggregates include top soil, river rock, various types of sand, crushed concrete, common fill, select fill, and limestone. Our team prefers to deliver to residential areas using our fleet of tandem dump trucks and super dump trucks. The shorter wheelbase provides the flexibility required when navigating residential streets, typically does not interfere with power lines, and delivers the material in neat, compact, piles for easy spreading. For our customers outside the city limits, we also provide access to our fleet of end dump, round bottom, and belly dump tractor trailers. While our aluminum end dumps have the largest capacity, our steel round bottoms are tough enough to handle aggregates larger than 4-5” or with jagged or sharp edges. Our expansive fleet of belly dumps is an excellent option for any customer looking to speed up the material spreading process by creating a uniform pile approximately 25’ long x 18” high x 24” wide.

For our commercial customers and commercial contractors, our most popular aggregates include utility rock, pea gravel, manufactured sand, washed sand, flex base, backfill, select fill, common fill, rip rap, 57 rock, recycled concrete, crushed concrete, and many more. Our customers typically operate in the ready-mix or asphalt manufacturing space, as residential or commercial subcontractors, or are involved in demolition and recycling. Most of our commercial customers are running large-scale projects emphasizing efficiency and safety. Our team excels in arranging the exact amount of equipment you need to complete your project on time, on budget, and with safety as a priority.



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