Quarries in Austin and Waco Texas: What They Produce

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Quarries in Austin and Waco Texas: What They Produce


September 13, 2021


What Are Quarries and What Do They Do?

A quarry is essentially a type of mine that is used to extract stones and such that will be repurposed into building materials. Quarries belong to a group of mines called open pit mines.The reasoning for this name resides in the fact that these mines are open to Earth’s surface. Quarries in Texas are no different than your average quarry. They exist to dig up any stone related material that would commonly be used in construction. Texas,however, does have more of certain types of quarries than other states.

What Are the Most Common Materials Found in Texas Quarries?

The types of materials that Texas quarries specialize in are stone, and gravel, which isn’t dissimilar to other quarries in other states, but they have a fairly large number of quarries of these two types just generally speaking. To make things more simple, we can break down the types of quarries in Texas into two categories. Things like sand and gravel would be one category, while things like rocks and stone would be in their own.

What Are Sand and Gravel Quarries?

Sand and gravel quarries are just quarries that are used to extract sand and gravel from the Earth. Instead of pulling full rocks, or other natural building materials, more loose materials are pulled, like sand and gravel. Other things like sand and gravel that are pulled from these quarries in Texas are pea gravel, commonfill, silica sand, topsoil, and washed sand. These all vary in value and aesthetic, but each of them has a place in the Texas construction and landscaping industry as a go to material. Some of them are quite easy to find and acquire. Things like common fill, pea gravel, sand, and topsoil are fairly common and easy to come by. Silica sand however is quite expensive and exceedingly rare in central Texas, which makes it much more expensive to comeby, but it is still available. As far as the application of these loose materials goes, the possibilities are fairly endless. Whether it’s a large-scale project for a company building some large building, or working overa large of land, or it’s for a suburban house looking for a new driveway, loose materials like these are very helpful in many situations. It’s their versatility that keeps them in demand always.

What Comes from Texas Stone Quarries?

Texas stone quarries, like sand and gravel quarries, exist only as a site for the excavation and processing of stone building materials and resources. Texas stone quarries in particular produce certain kinds of stones over others. Limestone is the biggest material to come out of many Texas quarries in particular, but they also excavate plenty of other materials as well. Texas quarries produce stone materials such as riprap, river rock, utility rock, and basic stones as well. Obviously, these largerstones have a number of applications both similar to, and wildly different from the looser materials that were mentioned above. They can be used to fill in driveways, decorate gardens, or even decorate waterfront pieces of land in amore large scale sort of way. The stone materials, like the loose materials,also vary in price depending on their rarity and availability in the state. Limestone is obviously the most common in Texas, and while the others are plentiful, some of them will surely cost more than others. Thankfully, the quarries of Texas contain a large variety of stones and loose materials, but it still has its limits and sometimes a resource you may want for your project, may not be available.

What Does Twisted Nail Do?

We at Twisted Nail provide a number of services related to hauling and trucking. Whether we act as the broker to a hauling deal, or actually do the hauling, we will handle every deal with precision and professionalism. When it comes to quarries, and material delivery, we provide multiple services. We do pit-to-plant, pit-to-jobsite, and pit-to-consumer hauling. What this means is that we can take resources and building materials and haul them straight to wherever you may need them. Whether that be a plant, directly to a jobsite that is being worked on by a larger company, or to someone who just ordered a large supply of resources. Twisted Nail mainly operates in and around Waco, Austin, and Bryan, Texas. If you, or your jobsite resides in these areas, call up Twisted Nail, and we’ll get the job done right.

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