How to Hire a Flatbed Trailer Truck in Texas

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How to Hire a Flatbed Trailer Truck in Texas


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August 16, 2021


A standard flatbed trailer is commonly used because it is versatile. It is ideally used when there is no accessible dock. Sometimes products can requireside or crane loading which makes the flatbed trailer great for this type of job.


The specs of a standard flatbed trailer are:

●      48 feet long

●      8 feet 6 inches wide

●      60 inches high

●      48,000 lbs weight capacity


The amount of weight on a flatbed trailer truck cannot violate the 80,000 lbs weight capacity limit set for US and Texas roads.Federal law also sets a weight limit on each single axle to 20,000 lbs. Foraxles, placed 40 inches, but no more than 96 inches apart, there is a set limit of 34,000 lbs.


5 common brands of flatbed trailers are:

●      Doepker

●      East Manufacturing Company

●      Felling Trailers

●      Fontaine Trailer Company

●      Fruehauf


These are some of the more well-known brands for flatbed trailers. There are many more companies from which you could buy a quality flatbed trailer. However,Doepker is known to be top quality.


Doepker states that they are customer driven and go on to explain their motivation and history on their website:


Every trailer model, every option,and every value added attribute on our trailers has evolved from listening and working with customers.  Our customers choose Doepker because we listen to, react to, and invest in our customers in order to make them successful. We combine this with our history of making trailers that offer the best value on the road. We do not fear innovation, we define it.


Doepker prides themselves on their initiative to listen to customers and use their feedback to make more effective products. They spearhead their industry with innovation.


Doepker even has low tare weights for their products which means your revenue can be maximized as more payload can be added than comparable brands. High value materials are used for their flatbed trailers which means a greater return on your investment and greater performance.


Doepker also performs over 300 signatured inspections throughout each trailer build to ensure that the production process is smooth. You wouldn’t want your expensive haul falling to the side of the road due to minor overlooked errors which growto cause major problems overtime.


If you also plan on selling your flatbed trailer for any reason, Doepker’s trailers are known to retain their value close to the original price. Now let's get into what a haul may consist of.


4 Common Haul Categories for Flatbed Trailer Trucks


Construction Materials

This includes: steel frames, recycled concrete, piping, backhoes, bobcats, and the likes. Flatbed trailer trucks also handle bricks, lumber, scaffolding, and other similar use materials.Trusses can be used when haul needs to hang over the edge of the flatbed which would not fit in an enclosed space.


Landscaping Materials

Since the flatbed trailer truck is long, this makes it ideal for transporting landscaping materials like mature trees, river rock, large tools and equipment. Mature trees would stand upright on a flatbed — this would mean that damage can be avoided.


Baled Tires

A single bale is equivalent to 100 tires. This weighs about 1 ton which makes flatbeds ideal for their transportation due to their specs and unenclosed space.



Equipment used by ranchers, the military, and aerospace are great for being transported by flatbed trailer trucks. Airplane parts and humvees can even be loaded more safely onto flatbed trailers than other options.


Generally,equipment on the larger side will need to go on a heavy haul trailer.



It is important that you work with a reputable, reliable business for your hauling needs — whether long-term or short-term. For hauling services, call Twisted Nail to receive afast quote. Just answer questions on the dimensions, weight, starting point and destination of your haul.


Twisted Nail specializes in high quality freight solutions and offers better control over the flow of materials while listening attentively to your needs. You can also use our contact page to get in touch and receive a competitive quote. There is even flat rate pricing to key cities, compared to others who may overcharge. Billing and dispatch is simplified so that you can stay within your time constraints.


Sometimes,things go wrong and which is why Twisted Nail has a strong network of backup equipment — these precautions are learned from years of experience. If you call Twisted Nail, you will speak with a knowledgeable company rep or just fill out the form online.


TwistedNail is located in Texas and hauls to: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Temple, Waco, Fort Worth, Mauriceville and beyond.


Contact the best Texas flatbed hauling today with Twisted Nail.

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