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Sand and Gravel

Material and Aggregate trucking is our specialty. It is where we started and we are proud to have grown into a market leader within the sand and gravel industry. Our fleet consists of 50+ local belly dump, end dump, round bottom, and tandem dump truck owner operators. We provide you and your team a single point of contact, uniform billing, and a professional representative on-call 24/7.

We provide pit-to-plant, pit-to-jobsite, and pit-to-consumer hauling. With decades of experience, our team of owner operators has the know-how to handle the trickiest of jobs and the work ethic to make sure your largest jobs never lag behind. Whether you need 5 yards of sand for your kid’s sandbox or 50,000 tons of select fill for your new housing development, we can deliver.

Belly Dump Trailers

Belly dump trailers, otherwise known as bottom dump trailers, are aggregate trailers with a clamshell gate located on the bottom of the trailer. In most cases, the driver is able to open and close the clamshell gate to release the material out of the bottom of the trailer. The trailer is very efficient and does not require the operator to stop in order to dump. Additionally, because the trailer remains planted firmly on the ground, there are very few dangers associated with dumping a belly dump trailer. These types of trailers are most commonly used in stockpiling, material transport, and asphalt paving.

Belly dump trailers will release their full payload in a uniform line approximately 25’ long. The material is partially spread, making it easy for a bulldozer or loader to manipulate.

While belly dump trailers are praised for their safety and efficiency, they do have their limitations. Belly dump trailers typically utilize construction materials focused on reducing weight, making carrying rough or large aggregates difficult or impossible; because belly dump trailers have to drive over the materials they dump, they are best used to transport fine aggregates.

End Dump Trailers

An end dump is a trailer that stands up and delivers its payload through a rear gate. Because end dump trailers must stand their trailer up, they are notoriously unstable and require level ground for safe dumping. The trailers usually feature a box or rounded design, depending on the trailer’s intended use. End dump trailers are best used in hauling both road and building construction materials, agricultural products, and aggregate stockpiling.

End dump trailers feature a heavy-sided design, allowing the carrier to transport larger loads than other aggregate trailers. Depending on the trailer’s construction material, they also offer more flexibility. Steel end dump trailers are great for demolition haul off, but their heavyweight doesn’t allow for as large of a payload. Aluminum end dumps cannot handle rough or overly large materials, but due to their lightweight design are excellent at transporting fine to small loose aggregates with maximum payloads.

Tandem and Super dump Trucks

Tandem trucks and super dump trucks do not require a trailer. These units are extremely flexible and can carry a wide range of payloads, from fine aggregates to demolition haul off. Tandem and super dump trucks are what the layman likely thinks about when thinking about a traditional dump truck. The truck will feature a cap where the driver sits and, directly behind the driver, will be the truck bed. When dumping, the truck bed will raise and release the payload out of a rear gate.

Tandem, aka Dump Truck

Tandems are used for transporting loose material such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste. The typical dump truck has an open-box bed, which is hinged at the rear and equipped with hydraulic rams to lift the front, allowing the material in the bed to be dumped on the ground behind the truck.

Tandem trucks are excellent options for construction projects, residential deliveries, or any aggregate delivery require the shorter wheelbase and flexibility the truck provides due to its lack of trailer. Tandem trucks have one disadvantage: they have low payload capacities. While an end dump tractor-trailer combination has an average payload of 25 tons, the typical tandem will carry between 15-17 tons.

Super dumps provide the flexibility of a tandem but with the payload of a traditional tractor-trailer. These trucks use an additional load-bearing axle at the rear of the truck to evenly distribute weight according to the legal requirements. While a tandem is limited to 52,500 lbs, a super dump can have a total weight of 64,500 lbs. While empty and in transit the trailing axle stores above the vehicle and can be raised during the dumping process. Super dump trucks can be outfitted with up to 3 additional axles, for a total of 7, increasing their payload capacity to 80,000 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of our projects involve river rock, crushed limestone, various construction sands, road base and crushed concrete.

Twisted Nail can source a specific type or color sand for you, however the type and color depends entirely on the geographic region and finding a specific sand may mean sourcing from outside your region, resulting in increased shipping costs.

Minimum quantity varies by material type, but a general rule of thumb is 10 yards of sand and gravel (or 1 full tandem load). We find that for quantities smaller than 10 yards it is more cost efficient for the customer to arrange pickup. ‍

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