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River Rock

River Rock is the general term to describe an otherwise diverse group of rocks that have been rounded over time by moving water. This type of rock will have rounded edges, a textured flat surface, and will have a variety of imperfections and colors. River rocks are, unsurprisingly, most commonly found near flowing bodies of water. River rocks have many different uses, including landscaping, decoration, and construction material. While they are found naturally, river rocks can also be artificially manufactured.

Granite River Rock

Granite River Rock is the most common river rock used in landscaping and construction decoration. Granite is formed below the earth's surface as magma is slowly cooled and crystallized. Granite river rocks have speckled or banded appearances and a very wide range of coloration ranging from gray, black, white, green, purple, and russet.

Basalt River Rock

Similar to Granite, Basalt is formed by magma cooling, except for basalt the cooling happens above the earth's surface. Basalt tends to have a fine grain and can range in color from green to dark gray. These rocks are most easily recognized as the stones used in hot stone massages and are known for their ability to retain heat. Smaller versions of the basalt rock are commonly used as filler in projects requiring smooth, dark, sophisticated looks.

Polished and Manufactured River Rocks

Polished and manufactured river rocks do not occur naturally. Polished river rocks are typically smaller river rocks that have been processed through a rock tumbler until they reach the desired shape and finish. These rocks are popular for projects that utilize the exposed rock for its beautiful aesthetics.

Manufactured river rocks are natural stones that have been artificially resurfaced to resemble natural river rocks. These rocks are typically used in construction projects, landscaping, and other finishing projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are attractive but they are also used as a primary ingredient to concrete, which I believe is the world’s most popular building product. So lots of rock gets used in new construction all the time. Couple that with it looking good and people wanting it for personal projects, then also couple that with the fact that you need a nearby river to find river rock, and you end up with a product in short supply.

Twisted Nail can source a specific type or color rock for you, however the type and color depends entirely on the geographic region and finding a specific rock may mean sourcing a rock from outside your region, which can make shipping costs prohibitive.

In most cases, 8-10 yards (or 12-15 tons) would be the minimum order for river rocks. While we can deliver smaller order sizes, in our experience, for orders below the recommended size - trucking becomes cost prohibitive.

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