Recycled Concrete in Waco, Austin, & Bryan

Recycled Concrete

Concrete recycling is the process of preparing rubble from demolished concrete structures for reuse. Recycling concrete is a straightforward, cost-effective, way to dispose of otherwise trash material. Recycling concrete consists of breaking, removing, and crushing concrete from another location and using it to create a new material. The process provides a solution for otherwise troublesome concrete removal and allows the material to continue its useful life in another capacity.

Recycled Concrete Uses

In most cases, recycled concrete is used as a subbase material, but it is possible to combine the material as an additive to create new concrete. The most popular use is as a base for roads, parking lots, and driveways, but the material can also be used as backfill.

Environmental Benefit of Recycled Concrete

Recycling concrete offers both environmental and economic benefits. Recycling concrete from old projects can be expensive when relying on landfills and traditional disposal methods. With the rise of concrete recycling companies, contractors have been presented as a cost-effective alternative, often being able to dispose of the material for free to a concrete recycler. The environmental benefits of recycling concrete match the economic benefits. Concrete waste takes up a significant portion of landfills and many cannot accommodate the size and volume. Recycling concrete keeps this material out of landfills and saves the energy that would otherwise be used to create a new product.

Recycled concrete can be turned into Grade 1 Flex Base, Utility Rock, Rip Rap, and Fine Materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just about any dump trailer can be used to haul recycled concrete, unless the material is large or contains rebar, then only steel trailers should be used.

Crushed concrete is often cheaper, with the crusher yards being more mobile, so large projects can reduce shipping costs by bringing the plant closer to the Jobsite. As a consumer, crushed concrete is cheaper to buy and is more readily available throughout the year. Construction materials such as 1” rock, 57 rock, grade 3, pea gravel, etc. will likely end up being sold out during construction’s busy season (summer).

For large commercial projects you will likely need to make sure the material meets the job specifications. The quality of product can vary between batches and between producers. So asking around is always a good idea, or partnering with someone like Twisted Nail who already knows who to go to for questions regarding quality and safety.

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