Granite can be found close enough to the surface that it can be cut from shallow quarries. Exporting and transporting granite from quarries requires manpower, the correct equipment and, most importantly, dedication. At Twisted Nail, we are more than capable of sourcing granite from any quarry in Texas thanks to our variety of both vendors and our expansive in-house owner operator delivery fleet. You can always count on our team to be reliable and efficient when dealing with your project. We specialize in sourcing a great variety of granite, including: granite rock, granite base, decomposed granite, and granite crusher fines. 

1. Granite Rock

Granite rock consist mainly of feldspar, quartz, mica, and minerals and have various similar textures but variations in composition. It is formed when magma slowly cools and crystallizes before it reaches the surface. Every rock is unique and can be used for both inside and outside projects including:
• Buildings / homes
• Bridges
• Paving
• Countertops
• Tile floors

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2. Granite Base

Granite base is a naturally composed granite that is later screened to meet certain specifications in your project. It usually features attractive colors that are used in home/business renovations. Granite base is commonly used in the following projects:
• Driveways / sub-bases
• Lay under concrete slabs
• Support for large objects

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3. Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite is recognized for its versatility and stability, as well as its ability to increase strength while creating a usable natural surface. The colors vary from various shades of grey to unique colors such as red, green, and brown. Often compared to gravel, it is formed from the natural weathering and erosion of granite stone. The fact that decomposed granite is permeable and can be also used as a base allows it to serve various uses:
• Highways
• Walkways
• Runways
• Railroads
• Garden trails
• Water filtration
• Mixed with other materials to create stronger concrete.

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4. Granite Crusher Fines

Granite crusher fines are able to combine the feeling of a natural surface with one that is durable, secure, and accessible. Made from residue and crushed granite, crusher fines provide a stable aggregate that can continue to do its job for many years to come. The color of crusher fines will match the granite they are sourced from and can be mixed to form a number of sizes depending on your project needs. Crusher fines are best used in areas where minimalistic design or drainage is required; in a garden, they play a key role in helping the plants grow. Granite crusher fines are used in the construction of:
• Hiking / bike trails
• Gardens
• Pathways
• Landscapes

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Granite is a durable and strong stone that varies in colors and patterns; nevertheless, its usual colors are white, light gray, and pink. Compared to other rock and stone, granite is more resistant to exterior forces and is very commonly found in the foundation of luxury households. In fact, many of the most common uses of granite originate from the home; these being: countertops, flooring, roads, fountains, and benches. 

There are several types of granite sources around the state of Texas that can be sourced depending on the project, and here at Twisted Nail, we’re ready to help you in the process of finding and moving the right type of granite for your job.

Each type of granite has its own specialty, use, and location; our team has the proper resources to locate the exact type of granite you need for your next commercial or residential job. We pride ourselves in being efficient and effective, delivering the right material, on time, every time! Call our team for assistance in safely delivering your quarry direct granite aggregate to any Texas jobsite. Surrounding state delivery available upon request.  

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