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Getting Started with Twisted Nail Broker Services

Getting started with us is as easy as filling out our carrier agreement and submitting your certificates of insurance. Contact a member of our team to get started.

See our process below:

Finding the right freight broker is one of the most important decisions you will make as an owner operator. Unfortunately, the3PL industry is riddled with bad apples and bad decisions. Twisted Nail Broker Services offers an alternative you can be confident in. We provide a flat-rate service, we offer full rate transparency, guaranteed pay, open lines of communication with all levels of management, a richly diverse customer base, and the confidence your truck is working alongside the best owner operators in Central Texas.

No matter your equipment, Twisted Nail Broker Services has a place for you. While many of our carriers sign on with us full-time, we have also partnered with specialty carriers who haul with us on an as-needed basis. During your initial phone call with our team, we will seek to learn more about you, your equipment and your team, and to find out what you are looking for in a freight broker. Our goal in our initial phone call is to provide the best picture of what it means to haul alongside our current owner operators, provide insight into where you fit into our current operations, and answer any questions you might have.

After the initial phone call, we will send you a copy of our Carrier Agreement. Our Carrier Agreement is the contract binding our team of owner operators and defines the relationship between our companies. The document takes our guarantees and puts them in writing, so you can always have confidence we are standing by our promises.

Upon receiving the executed Carrier Agreement we will request copies of your certificates of insurance. All certificates must have a $1,000,000 automobile liability policy, name the listed parties as additional insured with a waiver of subrogation, and must have the additional insured and waiver of subrogation boxes checked. We understand insurance can be a complicated process but don’t worry, our team is able to walk you through the process or call your insurance provider on your behalf. We are here to help.

Once the required certificates of insurance are received you will become an approved carrier for Twisted Nail Broker Services and will be provided your truck identification number. The number will look similar to TNB123, with the number being your equipment's unique identification code used for any load hauled through our dispatch.

That’s it! While the above steps may seem overwhelming, they have been completed by carriers in as little as a few hours and our team is always available to help. Please reach out with any questions or to sign on with our team.

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trucking we offer

Twisted Nail Broker Services is a multi-industry freight brokerage specializing in the transportation of aggregate, flatbed, step deck, van, refrigerated, and heavy haul freight.

We are a one-call-solves-all operation, meaning our customers expect to be able to make a single phone call and handle all of their logistics requirements. Our team of dispatchers is trained experts in making this happen as efficiently as possible, with as little input from the customer and trucker as possible to ensure booking freight is a stress-free process for everyone involved.

Flatbed & Stepdeck Hauling

Our flatbed and step deck owner operators sign on with us part-time, accepting loads on an as-needed basis. We typically service the construction industry, providing equipment and machinery hauling, concrete SET delivery, barrier wall delivery, and a variety of custom services upon request.

Material & Aggregate Hauling

Our sand and gravel operation specializes in the bulk delivery and removal of various aggregates. Our customers typically book anywhere from 1-20 trucks daily performing a wide range of hauling services from pit-to-plant delivery with our fleet of end dumps and belly dumps; to demolition haul off with our steel round bottoms; to driveway, house pad, and various in-town delivery with our fleet of tandem dump trucks.

Van & Refrigerated Hauling

Our van and refrigerated driver service has dedicated lanes designed to fit each customer's specific needs. Our typical van and refrigerated customer is not satisfied with their current third-party shipping solution and reaches out to us for a customized quote. Our managers visit the customer operations to learn everything our owner operators need to know to provide a quote. We will then contact our carriers, have them produce multiple quotes, and will present the customer with their available options. Our process works, for both the carrier and the customer, and typically results in long-lasting relationships with highly efficient operations.

Demolition Hauling

Our demolition and haul off owner operators typically haul with us on a daily basis, servicing the many demolition projects found in Waco, Austin, and Bryan. We provide custom quoting and operate on either a per load or hourly rate. Demolition haul off requires a steel round bottom trailer and places an emphasis on both safety and efficiency. Due to the rarity of demolition truck in the error, the owner operators booking this equipment typically receive a premium over our base aggregate rates.

Recycled Concrete

Heavy Hauling

Our Heavy Haul owner operators are available for custom spot quotes. Our heavy haul customers are frequently in the construction industry, but can also be highly specialized loads in unexpected industries. Our loads are challenging, interesting, and require the best owner operators and equipment to service. Our most frequent hauls include moving heavy machinery, equipment, small-medium buildings, and can deliver anywhere from a basic construction site to a hard-to-access mountain top.

Heavy Hauling

Our Heavy Haul owner operators are available for custom spot quotes. Our heavy haul customers are frequently in the construction industry, but can also be highly specialized loads in unexpected industries. Our loads are challenging, interesting, and require the best owner operators and equipment to service. Our most frequent hauls include moving heavy machinery, equipment, small-medium buildings, and can deliver anywhere from a basic construction site to a hard-to-access mountain top.

Back End Office Services

Being part of our team is more than just receiving a dispatch and getting paid. Owner operators working with Twisted Nail Broker Services receive a host of back-end services including paperwork and invoice processing, access to invoice factoring, fuel loans, and consulting services. Our goal is to keep your tires rolling, making everyone money. Anything we can do to help, we will do. Our dispatch team knows how important it is your equipment is moving and has gone as far as buying and running parts out to help fix broken-down equipment to ensure it can keep rolling.

Freight Brokering

Paperwork and Invoice Processing

You did not get into trucking to do paperwork, which is why we do it for you. Many of our customers have very specific rules regarding invoice submission. Our owner operators turn in their bill of ladings(BOL) to us and we turn them into highly professional, easy to read, invoices. Your focus should be on keeping your trucks moving, let us do the rest.

Invoice Factoring and Guaranteed Pay

Twisted Nail Broker Services was founded to eliminate the predatory pricing surrounding freight brokering and invoice factoring. We offer a flat, 10%, rate which includes ALL of our services, including guaranteed pay. We factor all invoices internally and provide guaranteed payment on the 14th day.

Excluding our aggregate hauls, our services require custom pricing for each load. Our team of experts finds the loads, learns the details, and presents the lane to you and your team in an easy-to-understand package. From there, you provide us a quote, we add our 10%on top, and then we try to negotiate an even better rate than you provided to us. Ex. You quote us $1,000; we quote the customer $1,300; You get $1,170, we get $130. We NEVER take more than 10% on any load provided to our owner operators and ALWAYS provide ultimate rate transparency. We receive rates from our customers in writing and are always willing to provide these contracts to our team members for review. Hauling with Twisted Nail Broker Services means you don’t have to operate solely on trust, you know all the facts at all times.

Fuel Loans and Payday Advances

Life sometimes hits like a snub nose Peterbilt with the wind at its back, we get it. Our goal is to be there for you during all phases of your business, including the low period. There may come a day you need access to the money you’ve already earned. No problem. We frequently provide payday advances and fuel loans at competitive rates.

Freight Brokering

Driver Recruitment

It is not a secret: quality drivers are hard to come by. There’s a well-known saying, a driver can be fired on a Thursday and hired at a competitor by Friday. Finding drivers is difficult, plain and simple.

We provide our owner operators with an ongoing recruitment service. When you need to replace a driver, let us help. We run ads in all major marketplaces to ensure you receive the applicants you need to keep your equipment rolling. We understand no one is making money if your truck is sitting without a driver. We have filled dozens of driving jobs for our customers and owner operators; we look forward to doing the same for your team.

Consulting Services

Our management team has decades of experience in trucking and business management. Our owner operators have access to a wide range of consulting services from insurance consulting, equipment and financing consulting, trucking consulting, and general business consulting.

Insurance Consulting

Renewing your insurance is one of the few opportunities an owner operator will have to immediately decrease their expenses and increase profits. Our team works with major insurance brokers to give our owner operators access to multiple insurance quotes, ensuring you not only receive the best policy for you, but you’re able to save money at the same time. Insurance can be a confusing and frustrating process, let our team help!

Equipment and Financing Consulting

Did you know the equipment you choose is one of the top indicators of profitability? Choosing the right equipment for you and your customers is critical. It may not seem like much, but finding a truck and trailer that are both just 2,000 lbs lighter than average can result in an increase of as much as $60 in profit per day, $300 per week, or $1,300 per month! Choosing the right equipment for the job can literally make your equipment payment each month.

Our team of experts can walk you through not only tips similar to the one above, but will help you find where the equipment can be bought, provide specific reputable brands, and provide you contacts who provide financing for semi’s and trailers alike.

General Trucking and Business Consulting

Knowing everything is a tough ask. You are an expert owner operator, but there is a lot more to trucking than driving from A to B. In addition to the above-consulting services, our team is here to help with anything that may come up. We can find and purchase permits on your behalf, perform driver and fleet analysis to help improve your efficiency. Our team has decades of experience in trucking, as owner operators, and in the consulting industry. Our diverse skill set is aimed in one direction: to keep your trucks moving and making you money.

Freight Brokering

freight brokering

Twisted Nail Broker Services was founded in2014 as a multi-service freight brokerage. Our founder, Hunter Kosar, began his trucking career with the purchase of a single 2001 Mack day cab, eventually growing the company into an 11 truck aggregate trucking operation. As the company grew, so did the need to rely on local freight brokers. Unfortunately, this led to dishonest dispatching, incorrect pay, poor rates, minimal communication, unsatisfied customers, and a host of other issues.

Twisted Nail Broker Services was created to fix these problems. Our team believes the broker should serve the trucker, not the other way around. When you join our fleet of owner operators you instantly gain access to a richly diverse customer base, you receive guaranteed pay that is never late, you receive the best rates available in the market, and you will have an open line of communication to all levels of decision-makers.

Customers partner with Twisted Nail Broker Services because we know how to complete every job safely, efficiently, and on budget. Our team of experts is able to source any required equipment and can quote any job. Whether your business needs aggregate, flatbed, step deck, van, refrigerated, or heavy haul freight services: We have you covered.

Customer Service

Get Started

Twisted Nail is here to help. If you need something hauled in central Texas, we can get your job done, safely, timely, and reliably.

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